Effective November 17th, 2015 SUMURI is including a 3-year warranty on all TALINO workstations and products!

Creating the world’s best forensic workstation was not our only goal when we created TALINO.  Our other goal was to bring sanity to the pricing of other forensic workstations that existed on the market prior to the birth of TALINO.  We guess we hit a nerve as we have seen our competitors drop their prices to match the TALINO!

However, what can never be matched is our attention to detail, design, care, configuration, benchmarking and level of dedicated support.  We constantly review what we can do to improve our TALINO products to make sure that our users have the absolute best equipment and support.

As such, we unequivocally agreed that all new TALINO Workstations or products should include a 3-YEAR WARRANTY as standard!

As previously stated, “We know that our users take pride in what they do just like we take pride in what we build.”

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