4CAST.001We had our noses buried so far in our work that we did not even know that were were nominated for Forensic 4:cast’s 2016 Open Source Digital Forensic Software of the Year!!!


Win or not, we are extremely honored!

From the start PALADIN has always been for the forensic community.  SUMURI’s co-founder, Steve Whalen designed. PALADIN (and Raptor before it) to provide a fully featured forensic suite to law enforcement agencies with limited or no budgets. Additionally, Steve wanted to provide forensic software that could be used to triage computers and preserve the integrity of the evidence (think Probation and Parole home visits).

Since then, PALADIN has been used all over the world for sexual exploitation investigations, worldwide domestic security, corporate investigations and everything in-between.

We have heard a lot of stories about how PALADIN has “saved the day”.  We hope that we continue to hear those stories for a long time!

Again, win or not, thank you!