Buying a forensic workstation that uses premium, enterprise class hardware isn’t enough to get the job done. To fully optimize your forensic workstation for speed and reliability, you need to configure the workstation to interact with your software solutions at maximum efficiency. Every software application has its own specific needs. So even if you have exceeded the developers minimum system requirements the wrong configuration can lead to slow performance and software crashes. But how do you figure out how many processor cores to assign to get the best speed out of your image processing and acquisition? Will your RAID volume perform best directly through the motherboard or should you use an independant RAID controller?  What size volume do you need for your temp files or even more importantly what kind of medium should you store your temp volume on? There’s lots of choices, rotational drives, traditional solid state drives or NVMe, to take advantage of the parallelism utilized in multi-core processors?

talino-machineHere at SUMURI, we’ve spent countless hours testing our workstations with numerous forensic applications in many different configurations, so that you don’t have to. In our testing and benchmarking program we don’t just use benchmarking tools, we process actual forensic and case images to make sure the workstation is tested in conditions that mirror its use in the field. We’ve also taken the time to collaborate with the leading forensic and eDiscovery software providers to insure that our builds deliver the best performance possible. Our workstations are designed and tested by former members of law enforcement with decades of “seat time” processing evidence to insure that you have the best designed and most efficient means of acquiring evidence at your disposal. When you purchase a TALINO workstation, we can install your software for you. All you have to do is let us know how you want your workstation set up when you place your order. When the workstation arrives you can be processing a case in as little as ten minutes from opening the box. Our team has one goal, and that’s to provide you with the tools you need to do your job with the minimum downtime and the  maximum efficiency.



Our biggest advantage over our competitors are the people who have made TALINO not just a job but a passion. We are passionate about the machines we build and we are available at any time to offer support to you. In fact, here’s my contact information: Jason Roslewicz +1 302 540 9374 or That’s my cell phone and I’m open for business 24/7, so if you’ve just got your new workstation and you need tech support give me a call. I am more than happy to help out. Have a great day and drop me a line anytime you want to talk forensic workstations, whether we built them or not.  

by Jason Roslewicz ,Senior Engineer Talino Division