Beginning in September of 2016, USB issues began to occur when Cellebrite was installed or updated. We have also seen this issue discussed recently (as of the time of this post) on forensic list serves.

The issue is sporadic in nature, which makes it hard to pin down. We can install Cellebrite on two identical machines and have the issue occur with one and not the other. We have confirmed this on all versions of the TALINO brand as well as boot-camped Macs and we also have information that this issue occurs in Non-TALINO workstations. We have worked closely with Cellebrite to get to the root cause of the issue and are aware that they are working on a permanent fix ,as of this post, there is still not a permanent fix in place. We have supplied them with components used in the TALINO and end user contact information (with the end user’s authorization).

We realize that not having USB functionality is of great concern to Cellebrite, as well as SUMURI, and both companies will continue to work together to resolve the issue and restore full functionality. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.We have found several temporary workarounds that may alleviate the issue.

  1. Logical Solution – uninstall Cellebrite and all related applications from the workstation. Reboot the workstation and install a version of Cellebrite previous to September of 2016. Do NOT update Cellebrite. Install iTunes and DO update it to the latest version. This should allow you to utilize Cellebrite in most instances.
  2. Physical solution – Attach the UFED device adapter to the back of the workstation, so that it is connected directly to the board, preferably in a USB2.0 port or through an external USB2.0 hub. This should allow you to utilize Cellebrite as well.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you need assistance with either of these workarounds, regardless of the manufacturer of your workstation. As always SUMURI stands ready to support our customers in any way possible.

Jason Roslewicz
Senior Manager, TALINO Division
Cell: +1 302.540.9374
Office Hours – 9am – 6pm EST (M -F)