Building a forensic workstation that uses premium, enterprise class hardware isn’t enough to meet our commitment to excellence here at SUMURI. To fully optimize our forensic workstations for speed and reliability, we perform a rigorous series of quality control and benchmark protocols. Every TALINO has been inspected by one of our engineers to insure that our quality remains number one in the industry. Before a TALINO makes it’s way into the world it has been lovingly crafted by at least three members of the team to insure that multiple sets of eyes catch every detail that makes us number one. Once our lead engineer has proclaimed it “drool” worthy, a senior member of management looks at each machine before it goes out the door for a final check. Here are just a few of the things we do to insure our workstations hit the ground running upon arrival.

talino-machineWe look at EVERYTHING related to the case including making sure the screws that hold the components in are sealed with thread locker to make sure they don’t loosen in shipping, balancing our high quality fans so that they are whisper quiet while providing maximum air flow and cooling, managing the cables so that the machine is neat and clean and accessible for future upgrades, and each component is logged in our database with the serial number and a SUMURI serial number is generated so we can easily address any questions after it has been released into the wild.

 Once we are satisfied with the physical build of the workstation we begin the logical inspection. We use a clean install of the operating system on each build so there are no issues with the driver installs and components, we verify that all updates have been applied to both the hardware and the software. We pre-configure the system and drives to the forensic applications being utilized by the end user and then we actually run the application to test it’s functionality. Over the course of three full days, we burn in the system using a wide variety of benchmark and stress testing applications. We “max” the system components out during this process to insure the components and configuration are stable and we benchmark speed, temperature, data transfer, graphics performance, memory and processing. We verify that every port and hub on the machine works and where applicable we test the functionality of write blockers in the system. After we are satisfied with the benchmark results, we create a “restore” image that ships with every machine so that the computer can be “blown out” to it’s factory image should the need arise.

Our biggest advantage over our competitors are the people who have made TALINO not just a job but a passion. We are passionate about the machines we build and we are available at any time to offer support and guidance to you. In fact, here’s my contact information: Jason Roslewicz +1 302 540 9374 or That’s my cell phone and I’m open for business 24/7, so if you’ve just got your new workstation and you have a question give me a call. I am more than happy to help out. Have a great day and drop me a line anytime you want to talk forensic workstations.  

by Jason Roslewicz ,Senior Manager Talino Division