WARNING (rant to follow)

We have to be honest here.  Today we saw a straw that broke the camel’s back and it’s time to set the record straight.  It’s time to channel some John Legere.

We started TALINO to save (yes, save) you from other companies that have been taking advantage of the forensic community for years by providing substandard components, improperly configured machines, poor customer service and charging way more than what was fair.  Coming from Law Enforcement we don’t take this lightly as any funds saved can be spent on other much needed resources.

For over two years we have seen other companies literally copy what we do which is disturbing.  One, because we have only been in the hardware business for three years (we will take this as a compliment).  And most importantly – two, because what does that say about the companies who can’t think or innovate on their own? Scary…

We saw an email come out today promoting an exact copy of a forensic laptop which we had on the market since last year, and to be honest, it struck a nerve.

We here at SUMURI and TALINO have done and do the jobs that you do.  Our sole purpose is not to make money.  Our purpose is to give you the absolute best for the absolute lowest price.  We put ourselves into your shoes each and every time you call us for a quote and we are not happy until we can provide you everything that we can for your budget without cutting any corners or get it to you for less than you thought possible.  All we ask is that you give us a chance and you’ll see for yourself.

To those who look to use for your ideas or innovation remember this:

“One thing about following people and copying what they do, you will always be one step behind.”

Oh, BTW,  TALINO KA-L OMEGA vs. the “Clone”.

**Prices on March 14, 2017**