Camden, DE, USA, MAY 23, 2017 — SUMURI has partnered with Nuix, a global leader in forensic software, to release the all new turn-key TALINO Nuix Forensic Workstation. The collaboration is a synergy of SUMURI’s industry leading forensic workstations and the Nuix software’s unmatched ability to make small work of big data volumes.
“Our TALINO development team has always highly respected Nuix’s forensic software” says Manny Kressel, Director of Hardware Services for SUMURI. “It’s one of the most complete packages in the industry for complex data computation tasks, and the software works beautifully. We wanted to create a stand alone, purpose built workstation for Nuix that ensures the end user has an all around fluid experience. To say we are excited about this project is an understatement.”
The TALINO Nuix Forensic Workstation was designed to adhere to Nuix’s strict hardware guidelines for maximum computing power. The base configuration starts at $20,995.00 USD, and features Intel® E5-2690 14-Core server processors, 256 gigabytes of high performance RAM, a 1 terabyte operating system drive, and an eight 6 terabyte drives for evidence. It includes a host of high performance hardware for a uniquely stable working environment.
The TALINO Nuix Forensic Workstation is available for order now at the SUMURI website, along with more information about configurable system options. For sales, contact Manny Kressel at +1 302- 570-0015, or e-mail SUMURI at

SUMURI specializes in creating advanced software and hardware for forensic data processes. It’s flagship software product PALADIN is one of the leading open source forensic suites in the world. SUMURI also is the manufacturer of TALINO workstations, the pre-eminent name in forensic computer solutions. SUMURI was founded in 2010 by Ailyn and Steve Whalen, CFCE and is based in Delaware, USA and is a certified Woman-Owned company. For additional information, visit, contact us at, or call +1 302.570.0015.

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