Last April 2019, we had the privilege to be part of Cyber Streets’ “The Future is Female: Girls in STEM”. We introduced girls ages 11 to 16 on how SUMURI build and design its forensic products, from RECON software to TALINO Hardware.

We had another opportunity to give back to our community last Monday, July 22, 2019, when Dover’s Inner City Cultural League visited us for a special tour of our office and production site in Camden, DE.

The goal of the activity is to exhibit the dynamics of building and design technology in Forensic Industry. The youth experienced what it’s like to work for a company that aims to help law enforcement fight digital crimes around the world. Hannalyn Gabriel, one of SUMURI’s younger employees, together with few other SUMURI teammates, once again led the activity with one of a kind presentation, opening up the curiosity of these kids.

This opportunity wouldn’t be possible without our partnership with that aims to help the youth with #UnconventionalSTEMpowerment.