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RECON ITR – Two macOS Imagers in One Solution

I’ll be honest.  We’ve changed our product line up a lot and it can be a little confusing. If you have been paying attention, Apple has also changed a lot as well.  That last “a lot” is a little bit of an understatement.  Starting with macOS 10.11 Apple began strengthening their security with sandboxed applications, [...]

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SUMURI GIVES BACK With a Little Help from our Friends

Supplier Donates 1,000 Medical Masks and SUMURI joins Folding@home  Delaware, USA – SUMURI, a leader in the digital forensics software and hardware industry today received a donation of 1,000 medical masks from our partner Shenzhen Bergek Technology Co. Ltd.  The masks were distributed and shared with local law enforcement agencies (Camden PD, Wyoming PD, and [...]

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Make your own PALADIN USB!

1. Download Download the software from SUMURI website: http://sumuri.com/product-category/brands/paladin/ Go to shop and add the PALADIN version of your choice(PALADIN LTS(7), PALADIN EDGE 64, PALADIN EDGE 32). Set your price then proceed with the purchase, After your purchase you will receive an email confirming the purchase. And the link to download the PALADIN.iso, if you [...]

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Fast, Portable, Reliable Drives Preserve Critical Evidence

Having a lot of issues with other triage tools you were using in the field? Have you experienced failing drives and lost some evidences gathered on the scene? We at SUMURI wants only the best for our customers. We devote time, experience, and technological breakthroughs in developing our line of products. We believe that by [...]

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Great Tool to Image Apple Computers

We know our products are great, but don’t just take our word for it... Computer Forensic Reviews Online (CFRO) is a new place on the web to find brutally honest, humorous, and opinionated long and short term reviews of computer forensics software and hardware. They aim to provide an honest guide to product users and [...]

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Profile – Ailyn Whalen

One of the common mistakes we hear when talking with our customers is the pronunciation of our company's name "SUMURI".  It is often confused frequently with the word "Samurai" which refers to the legendary Japanese warrior of old...

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Girl Power and Forensics!

The forensic community is mostly dominated by men. However, there are more and more careers in computer forensics that are opening the doors for women. Our President, Ailyn Whalen proves that anyone can lead even in an industry that most people think are ruled by men. SUMURI believes that teaching young girls about technology can [...]

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Imaging APFS Snapshots within T2 Chipset Macs

As if APFS wasn’t adding enough complexity for forensic examiners, more and more Macs are now including T2 Security Chipsets. The T2 Security Chipset was borrowed from iOS devices. It serves many functions, however, the one that troubles forensic examiners is that it encrypts data at rest. This means that the files and folders contained [...]

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RAID Controller Fatal Error- Demystified

You just moved your forensic workstation from the closet that your agency stuck you in to the new ICAC task force lab you’ve been assigned to. You get everything set up, fire up your machine ready to bring evildoers to justice and …

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