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Don’t Get Locked Out of Your Business

Ransomware The Best Defense is a Good Offense Don’t wait until it’s too late   What are we talking about? Ransomware is any type of malicious code that is used to hold a victims data hostage. The goal for the cyber criminal is to extort a ransom from the victims, usually paid in cryptocurrency, to [...]

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SUMURI Gives Back: Our Mission of Helping Others Continues

  SUMURI Gives Back: Our Mission of Helping Others Continues SUMURI was founded on the principle of helping others. After finishing his career in active law enforcement, co-founder Steve Whalen wanted to do more to help end the sexual exploitation of children and to protect lives. His wife, co-founder Ailyn Whalen, comes from a culture [...]

By |2022-11-15T15:52:00-05:00November 14th, 2022|Categories: Blog|Comments Off on SUMURI Gives Back: Our Mission of Helping Others Continues

Mac Imaging Go Bag Essentials

Mac Imaging Go Bag Essentials How often have you gone on scene and realized that the Mac has some port you didn’t prepare for? How often have you attempted to conduct an acquisition over Target Disk Mode and then realized that the cable you’re using wasn’t working? How many times have you attempted to make [...]

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macOS & Windows – Apples & Oranges

MacOS & Windows - Apples & Oranges When we first learn about digital forensics, all of our instruction is based on the Windows operating system and Windows-based forensic tools. We learn the FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file systems. We learn data streams, the MFT, jumplists, and shortcuts. These methodologies and techniques are perfect for Windows [...]

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Belkasoft Case Study

Belkasoft Case Study   The Challenge   One of the biggest challenges forensic examiners and investigators face daily is the speed at which they can sort and process evidence and its data. When at a scene, law enforcement can find dozens of pieces of hardware containing evidence that all need to be processed and analyzed [...]

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Let SUMURI help you grow your DFIR business

Running a digital forensics consultant business, either full-time or as a side business, can be very rewarding, both professionally and financially. From personal experience, I know the frustrations that come with owning a digital forensics business, from marketing to trying to pin down that client who hasn’t paid their invoice. We find that we tend [...]

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New Booting Options for M1 Macs

Join John Day, Senior Manager of the software division, to hear about the exciting new features that are coming to RECON ITR. New versions of macOS have allowed for exciting new options for imaging. Learn all about how RECON ITR will be booting Apple Silicon Macs in future builds! Stay tuned for more information about [...]

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TALINO Workstation in the news

SUMURI is giving a new leap to digital forensics. Authorities now gained a deeper understanding of crimes and how it occurs. “Technology is the future. This is where you see a lot of criminal activity occur, which is in the technology realm. So, it puts ahead of the curve as far as investigations go," said [...]

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SUMURI’s Response to COVID-19

To our SUMURI family, partners and customers, As the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the globe, I want to let you know what SUMURI is doing to respond to this public health emergency. SUMURI's number-one priority is the well being of our people, partners, customers, families, and the communities in which we live and work. The global spread [...]

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