Job Details

Job Title
Course Instructor
Work Location
U.S. (REMOTE) Location
Reports to
Director of Training
Employment Type
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

A SUMURI course instructor will present our training content to include Mac Forensics, PALADIN, RECON ITR, and RECON Lab courses. The instructor must grasp the intricacies of the course material and present it in a professional, easy to grasp manner. SUMURI’s goal is not only to provide the best possible training available but to do it in a learning conducive environment.

Responsibilities include:

  • Classroom and live online instruction
  • Recorded on-demand instruction
  • Ability to effectively teach students with diverse professional backgrounds
  • Present and lead training content practical exercises
  • Identify new topics or changes to macOS artifacts and report them to the Training Development Team for integration into the course material
  • Make recommendations for revisions of existing topic area content and practical exercises
  • Assess and improve upon student learning experiences by gauging the speed at which the class is learning and making necessary adjustments in the course presentation
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

Strong, working knowledge in the following areas:

  • 5+ years DFIR experience
  • 2+ years instructor experience
  • In-depth experience in using a Mac computer
  • In-depth knowledge of the macOS and iOS
  • Working knowledge of AppleScript, Automator and Shortcuts
  • Working knowledge of shell scripting and Python programming
  • Understanding of APFS and Mac OS Extended File Systems
  • Present Mac Forensic topics at various conferences
  • Both domestic U.S. and international travel will be required
  • Experience with popular forensic suites (Encase, Axiom, X-Ways, etc.)
  • Possession of a valid U.S. Passport

It is preferred that the candidate possess the following:

Preferred Software Experience:
PALADIN, RECON ITR, RECON Lab, popular forensic suites (Encase, FTK, X-Ways, Axiom, etc.)

Certifications preferred:

Required Certification:
SUMURI CFME within 2 months of signed contract

Physical Requirements (if applicable):
Must be able to lift and move items up to 50 pounds (23 kg)

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