Building a Virtual Forensic Machine – Featuring VirtualBox

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Build Virtual Forensic Systems using ALL free software

Virtual machines are a cost-effective way of increasing the investigative and examination capacity of your forensic lab. VirtualBox is a freely available virtualization platform that has all the main functionality of the pay tools. Learning how to build forensic workstations using VirtualBox allows you to limitlessly scale your examination systems, test systems, field systems and more.

Virtual box offers a lot, however it does not have some of the “easy” buttons the pay tools have. This class walks you through the process of setting up a forensic workstation using VirtualBox and shows you the solutions to common obstacles.

This class is geared towards computer forensic examiner’s that are new to VirtualBox or newer to the nuances of virtualized forensic workstations.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to create a forensic platform ready for operating system installation
  • How to install an operating system on your virtual machine using a .ISO image (featuring Linux UBUNTU)
  • How to successfully resolve screen size issues with VirtualBox
  • How to successfully create SHARE directories between your host system and your virtual system
  • How to turn on drag and drop features between your host system and your virtual system
  • How to turn a Linux Ubuntu installation into a SIFT workstation ***UPDATED for the NEW SIFT CLI for Ubuntu v16.04***