Windows Shellbag Forensics

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Find evidence of file system traversal.

Welcome to the Surviving Digital Forensics series. This series is focused on helping you become a better computer forensic examiner by teaching core computer forensic skills – all in about one hour. In this class examine how to use Windows Shellbag records to help prove file use and knowledge. Shellbag records are created by certain user activity and can be used to show where a user has navigated to on a computer system and when they did so. Very powerful evidence!

As with previous SDF classes you will learn by doing. The class begins with a brief overview of the issue at hand. Then we set up our forensic systems and off we go. Learning is hands on and we will use low cost and no cost computer forensic tools to do so.

Expert and novice computer forensic examiners alike will gain from this class. Since we are doing it the SDF way we are going to teach you real computer forensic skills that you can apply using our method or customize to meet your needs. You will learn how you can use freely available forensic tools, all GUI based, to extract and analyze Windows Shellbag evidence.

Learn to:

  • Extract and analyze windows shellbag records to help prove file use and knowledge
  • Use freely available forensic tools to conduct shellbag analysis
  • Construct validation exercises to test how shellbags behave depending on media type
  • Construct validation exercises to test how shellbags behave according to different types of user activity
  • Confidently explain what Windows shellbag evidence is to non-technical audiences