Data Recovery

More Details about Data Recovery

Losing data due to media failure or intentional destruction can be frightening. SUMURI has the ability to recover data from media that has failed, stopped working, formatted or otherwise damaged. We have successfully recovered data from both water damage and fire. Regardless of the failure, rest assure that your sensitive data is in the right hands and that it can be diagnosed with a high degree of precision, which eliminates elevated costs.

Once recovered we will work with you to ensure that your data is returned safe and secure. We offer the highest level of encryption and utilize security techniques which surpass the industry’s standards in data protection.

Studies have shown that a vast number of employees, whether they are terminated or resign for a different position at another company, will take Corporate Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, and Copyright Protected Material. Do you know what information has been compromised? Intellectual property is by far the most important asset of a company.  Departing employees who leave your corporation with these trade secrets or intellectual property jeopardizes the integrity and future survival of your organization.

SUMURI can give you the “Answers to Your Questions” so you will know whether or not your data is safe and secure.