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Sumuri, an award-winning digital forensics company will participate as a gold sponsor on March 9 –11, 2020. Stop by the booth for a free consultation with our Chief Executive Officer, Jason Roslewicz.

Sumuri will also have a demonstration of RECON LAB. The Demo will be lead by Jason Roslewicz, a Certified Computer Forensic Examiner. Find out what you are missing when you conduct Mac examinations on a Windows Platform.

RECON LAB is the only full forensic suite designed natively on the Mac platform to harness the power of a Mac. Access over 270 timestamps and all Apple Extended Metadata for Mac investigations and automate the analysis of Windows, iOS, Android, RAM, Google and (of course, Mac). RECON LAB has an exponential number of reporting options including the first WYSIWYG report editor with chronological reporting.

If you want to know more about the conference, please visit this link https://www.technosecurity.us/ca.