Delaware, USA – SUMURI, a leader in the digital forensics software and hardware industry has launched its year end “SUMURI Gives Back” campaign. On November 28, 2019 the tech firm posted a Thanksgiving video with SUMURI Chief Product Officer and Co-founder Steve Whalen, President and Co-founder Ailyn Whalen and CEO Jason Roslewicz announcing the launch of SUMURI Gives Back year end campaign for 2019 , giving away a bright yellow colored TALINO forensic workstation nicknamed Bumblebee and valued at $10,000 USD.

SUMURI Gives Back is a continuation of the company’s long standing tradition of supporting the Law Enforcement community through humanitarian missions and donations of software and computers. 

“SUMURI was founded to continue the work that I started as a State Trooper investigating digital crimes. We frequently worked with limited budgets and sometimes struggled to get the tools needed to combat the sexual exploitation of children and other serious crimes. I cannot in good conscience not assist fellow Law Enforcement officers in the same situation” said Steve Whalen, SUMURI’s Chief Product Officer and Co-founder.

After the launch, nominations for the Top 5 agencies were announced on the company’s social media sites and people took to the internet to show their support. SUMURI has also received a generous donation from another forensics software provider, AccessData, who provided a Forensics Tool Kit (FTK) software license.

The response of the people to the campaign has been overwhelming with hundreds of thousands of votes. 

The agency receiving the most votes will be announced on Monday December 23, 2019.

Through our SUMURI gives back program we have donated TALINO workstations and software to agencies both in the United States and internationally to assist in the fight against human slavery,child exploitation and terrorism. It is truly awe inspiring to see the number of votes received for the nominees this year! Jason Roslewicz, SUMURI’s Chief Executive Officer.

For more information about the SUMURI Gives Back campaign please visit our website at