Here’s the full list of the updates we made with RECON SOFTWARE:


    • Speed enhancement of Apple Metadata processing (example: 128GB MacBook Air with APFS processed in 23 minutes)
    • Improved support for viewing multiple attachments ‘EMLX View’.
    • Enhancement in ‘Pie Export View’.
    • Updated Time Zone database.
    • Support for newer version of ‘Chromium’ in artifacts.
    • Support for newer version of ‘Dolphin’ in artifacts.
    • Support for newer version of ‘Google Chrome’ in artifacts.
    • Support for newer version of ‘Mozilla Firefox’ in artifacts.
    • Additional fields added in  ‘FS Events’ plugin.
    • Support for Python3.
    • Improved Hex Viewer with single page view instead of block view.
    • Support for RECON LAB Logical Images with enhanced timestamp support.
    • Enhanced Apple Extended metadata parsing
    • Added support for parsing Unified Logs (tracev3) logs from a forensic image.
    • Added Gallery View support in ‘Artifacts’ section.
    • Added new right-click options in Gallery View.
    • Added support to process .00001 forensic image formats.
    • New Artifacts – ‘macOS’
      1. Bluetooth Logs (Artifacts – Devices)
      2. HFS+ Devices Logs (Artifacts – HFS Devices) 
      3. iCloud Logs (Artifacts – iCloud Users)
      4. Network Logs (Artifacts – Network List, Router Information, BSSID Change Logs, Channel Change Logs)
      5. USB Logs (Artifacts – USB Attached List)
      6. User Logs (Artifacts – Users Session , Login Attempts)
      7. Wake Reason Logs (Artifacts – Wake Reasons)
    • New Artifacts – ‘winOS’
      1. Exe Files (Artifacts – Exe Files)
    • Enhanced support for AndroidOS
    • AndroidOS – Opera Mini (New Artifacts – Saved Offline Pages, Synchronized Data)


    • Updated base system for Mode-C to support for all newer Intel Macs
    • Added support for imaging T2 Chipset Macs in Target Disk Mode for macOS 10.14.5 or above which requires admin password
    • Ability to preserve timestamps for logical imaging when analyzed with RECON LAB
    • Minor Bug Fixes


    • Support for analysis of Bootcamp partition with automated analysis of 50 plugins
    • Automatic collection of Mac Unified Logs as a text-based or native log archive
    • Selective Logical Imaging
    • Disk Manager with Disk Arbitration controller added to support Triage or Imaging of connected devices, including Macs in Target Disk Mode.
    • Ability to Triage another Mac in Target Disc Mode
    • Ability to create Logical Acquisitions of mounted devices including Macs in Target Disk Mode
    • File Search results can be exported as a folder or sparse image
    • APFS Snapshot support
    • Automated Analysis of Unified Logs for Bluetooth, iCloud, Mounted Volumes, Network, USB, User and Wake Reason, BSSID Change, Channel Change artifacts

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