CARBON VFS Virtual Forensic Suite first year of updates are free.  After the first year annual updates are $300.00 USD.

Please provide as much information in the form below in order to process your renewal as fast as possible.

You have a 15 month period (1 year 3 months) from the start date to renew software at the renewal list price, after this time you will have to pay the full list price for the software



Other virtualization solutions exist, however, none of them are easy to configure or set up and no other solution can instantly virtualize any Windows computer while at the same time providing you instant access to a user’s desktop by bypassing the user’s logon authentication!  All of this with absolutely no changes to the original evidence or data!

CARBON can be used to boot most computers to provide instant virtualization.  If there are difficulties with booting the computer CARBON can still virtualize forensic images as well as any virtual machine images with only a couple of clicks.

In addition to the amazing virtualization features we also give you RECON for Windows which automates the discovery, parsing and reporting of Windows forensic artifacts.

NEW!!! Compare two Virtual Snapshots with our Snapshot comparison tool.  Learn what data changed or modified between different points in time!

CARBON also includes the PALADIN Toolbox for advanced imaging and automatic write-blocking.

We didn’t stop there and included an advanced and customizable data carving and file search tools.

All of this is provided on a Samsung DUO Plus 128GB

CARBON Main Features Include:

  • Ability to safely boot computers and Intel based tablets.
  • Instant Virtualization of Windows-based computers.
  • Instant Windows logon bypass (Windows XP through Windows 10).
  • Ability to preview and/or triage without making ANY changes.
  • Ability to preview and/or triage computers without detection.
  • Built-on write protection.
  • Ability to image with the PALADIN Toolbox
  • Ability to create a video or screenshots of your virtualization for documentation.
  • Ability to conduct Malware analysis within a safe environment.
  • Ability to utilize proprietary tools in the native environment.
  • Ability to run other live forensic triage tools without making any changes at all.
  • Includes RECON for Windows which automates Windows forensic tasks.
  • Advanced customizable data carving included.
  • Advanced and customizable file searching included.
  • Ability to virtualize most forensic images and virtual machine images – both common and uncommon.

* Samsung DUO Plus 128GB has a 1 Year Warranty. Technical Support is included as long as the annual renewal is active.

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