Deep Learning NVR DVA3219



Introducing AI-powered video analytics on premises

Driving the future of video surveillance

Video analytics is poised to change the way surveillance is done: instead of only allowing you to retrieve footage after an incident happens, it can alert you and even trigger automatic responses as it’s happening. With deep learning–based algorithms powered by NVIDIA GeForce® graphic card, Synology DVA3219 is able to accurately pinpoint the events you really want to pay attention to.


  • NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti

Max Camera

  • 32 camera feeds 1


  • 4 real-time analysis tasks


  • Up to 14 drives with two DX517

Built-in analytics modules to deliver actionable insights

Advanced deep learning–based algorithms built into DVA3219 transform vast amounts of unstructured video data into situational awareness and business intelligence. This helps significantly reduce workloads while enhancing overall security at the same time.

Validate your detection accuracy

With Parameter Adjuster, you can simulate actual scenarios using previous recordings or detection results. This ensures that the parameter settings are validated and optimized in the installation phase to achieve the best accuracy.

Server-based video analytics

Compared to cloud-based or camera-based models, running video analytics on Synology DVA3219 provides several distinct advantages:

Security & privacy

  • No footage is uploaded to the cloud for analysis purposes, removing concerns over sensitive information and regulatory requirements.

No recurring fees

  • Just a one-time hardware purchase – no monthly subscriptions or additional charges for future software updates.

Real-time results

  • Instead of post-event analysis, DVA3219 notifies security operators as an incident takes place, allowing them to take immediate actions. No need to worry about unstable Internet connections or bandwidth usage, either.

Ease of integration

  • Compatible with over 7,100 IP cameras, there’s no need to replace them to gain analytics functionality – simply substitute DVA3219 for your existing NVR.

Full-featured surveillance system: anytime, anywhere, automated

Combining video analytic, storage, and video management software into one, DVA3219 offers a security solution that is streamlined in terms of management and integration but powerful in functionality. Learn more about Synology Surveillance Station:

Action rules

  • Set up security policies so that when a condition is met (such as when the result of video analytics exceeds a threshold), corresponding actions will be triggered automatically, reducing any time and efforts associated with manual intervention.

Easy to operate

  • Adding and managing cameras, navigating between live feeds and recordings, and setting up profiles and policies are made straightforward on a graphical, multitasking user interface, lowering the learning curve for new security operators.


  • Access your surveillance system wherever you are – through the desktop client, any popular web browser, or the mobile app.

API ready

  • Comprehensive documentation is available to third-party developers looking to integrate their product or applications with Surveillance Station.

One-stop support

  • An integrated system means one single point of support contact – no more running back and forth between the hardware and software vendors just to make something work.