The E3: Viewer allows you to work in a multi-tiered examination process with other parties. Those parties are able to review the information produced in a digital forensic investigation without the risk of having any changes made to the main case. All review work with the E3:VIEWER is done in read-only mode for the case being reviewed.

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E3:VIEWER is an independent review platform designed for use by those involved in the digital investigation process that are not doing the processing of the data. E3:VIEWER can review data that is processed by any of the Paraben cyber-forensic tools in the E3 suite as well as the PAP 8000 & PAP FLEX, and DP2C. 

The E3:VIEWER tool has a variety of viewers available to include common graphic, text, hex, and others. In addition, full analysis capabilities are included that allow you to search, bookmark, and report on your findings.


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