Combined together, all of our products, platforms and services form a complete ecosystem of mobile forensics that protects our customers throughout the evidence chain. No matter what type of user, location, mobile device or environment; we have a tool designed to suit that particular need. These solutions work together in harmony to ensure best practice workflows for all stakeholders; from the filed to the lab, through the court room and beyond.

  • XRY(Extract) – Extract and recover forensic data.
  • XAMN(Analyze) – Visualize and analyze data for
  • XEC(Manage) – Efficient tools for management, administration and process.

Online Purchases and Pricing are for the US only. For International Purchases and Support Please Contact Us.  Image represented in photograph is stock; customizations will render each system unique.


  • XRY (Extracts more data, in less time, with full integrity)
     Your investigations rely on the quality and speed of your extractions. Without solid digital evidence at your disposal, all the efforts   of your team may be in vain. XRY is a powerful, intuitive and efficient software application that runs on the Windows operating   system. It lets you securely extract more high-quality data in less time than ever before, while at all times fully maintaining the   integrity of the evidence.
  •  XAMN (Find critical evidence and intelligence faster and more effectively)
     The amount of data stored on mobile phones and other mobile devices is dramatically greater today than ever before. That makes   the challenges of searching, filtering and analyzing that data more daunting as well. Whether your mission is to gather and report   intelligence, prevent crime or quickly produce solid evidence – the powerful and intuitive tools in XAMN enable the fastest     possible route from having raw data to finding and reporting vital insights.
  • XEC (Improve your team’s efficiency. Speed up your operations. Gain visibility and control)
     As mobile forensic solutions grow in scale and complexity it can be challenging to manage team collaboration and have   consistent process when using mobile forensic tools in multiple locations. But with XEC from MSAB, you can accomplish this.
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