Paraben’s E3:P2C is a tried-and-true computer forensic tool that supports a variety of digital data sources that include: file system, network email archives, local email archives, internet data, etc. E3:P2C has a built-in triage function to see core pieces of potential evidence before proceeding to the next level of your examination. E3:P2C offers a cost effective solution to your computer analysis needs.

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E3:P2C provides all sizes of labs a solution for their digital data processing needs.



E3:P2C provides the most comprehensive email examination engines with more archive support than any other tool. If you need to process email for forensics or for eDiscovery, you need P2C to make sure you have the most inclusive review of the data possible.



We all spend time on the internet surfing for data and living an online existence. Being able to process that data effectively is crucial to any examination. E3:P2C has you covered with comprehensive support and easy-to-review data.



E3:P2C provides you an easy-to-use scanning mechanism that focuses on the scanning of portable executable files for signs indicating that a file might be malware.



E3:P2C thinks outside of the box and into the Xbox with the support of Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming system.