RECON TRIAGE is now on an 500GB Samsung T5 SSD with speed up to 540 MB/s USB 3.1 Gen 2 external micro-drive for fast data transfer using it live in the field!

The 500GB Samsung T5 SSD with speed up to 540 MB/s USB 3.1 Gen 2 can be used to save output and reports from RECON TRIAGE.

RECON TRIAGE creates advanced output and can produce thousands of reports. Simple configuration and fast results. Engineered by SUMURI, a world leader in Macintosh and iOS forensics.


Pre-configured to find evidentiary artifacts quickly on macOS filesystems (10.7 and above).

Rapid release schedule for updates and new module development.

Reporting formats – PDF, HTML, CSV and XML.

Advanced Timeline Analysis.

Track and view a suspect’s location.

Recover user and system passwords.

Identify the origin of files.

Automatic chat timeline construction for iMessages and Skype.

Ability to customize and save templates.

Advanced and in-module File Exporter.

Custom Plugin development available.

Identify and export Virtual Machines.

Image RAM

Volatile Data collection.

*Samsung 250 GB T5 USB drive has a 1 Year Warranty. Technical Support is included as long as the annual renewal is active.