The innovative Securcube® BTS Tracker is a digital forensic tool to monitor, measure and verify the real coverage of telephone cells.

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Forensics hardware module to measure and verify the real BTS coverage, radio environment activity at the crime scene. Securcube®BTS Tracker provides the most reliable outlook of the digital crime scenario. It runs the simultaneous data gathering of every cellular providers, technologies, band, signals, frequencies, reselection parameters and much more with a comprehensive overview of the results obtained to import directly into the dedicated BTS Tracker software desktop. Finally, the same data can be imported and correlated with other digital evidence thanks to Securcube®PhoneLog, CSA software.

The BTS (Base Transceiver Station) measurement is a rising forensics analysis able to fulfil lack of clues given by the mobile devices. Securcube®BTS Tracker performs the scan of the real cell towers (BTS – Base Transceiver Station) coverage, that is, the current ‘performance’ of the radio environment in the area of interest. The hardware module represents a valid solution to obtain a most reliable outlook of the digital crime scenario.

Asking to the cellular providers, the cells lists obtained have the theoretical coverage, a ‘prediction’ of the expected service area covered by the provider infrastructure. Actually, the cells efficiency is subject to multiple variables (the weather, the network traffic, prioritization, roaming agreement etc.) that can affect importantly the theoretical outlook and this is what for the digital investigation, needs a careful evaluation.

Sometimes the real coverage can discover how a suspect moved along a way helping the investigator in the search of the right CDRs files to ask to the carrier. This result is useful considering the huge amount of records to analyse every day, so focusing on the specific group of the cells up to the crime dynamics, it is possible to slim down and refine the digital evidence analysis.

The module Securcube®BTS Tracker offers a trustworthy examination of the real BTS coverage at the crime scene or along a path, investigative area of interest. ‘Standalone’ module has a mobile APP for the control of the scan, with an easy to carry around approach that lets investigators free to scan cells coverage for hours, unobtrusively.

CELL TOWERS KEY SURVEY with Securcube®BTS Tracker ADV, configuration Standalone:

  • Control by mobile APP (Android and iOS)
  • Integrated GPS
  • Compatible with every international cellular providers
  • Accurate radio sensitivity
  • Cell site analysis geolocation of the scan realized
  • GSM/UMTS/LTE compatible
  • Same time technologies scan
  • Single dedicated GSM scan (serving and neighbours)
  • Weak signal identification (unknown entities i.e. FEMTO cell)
  • Complete scan of bands; frequencies; signals
  • Easy to carry around, unobtrusively
  • High performance, battery autonomy

The mobile APP manages the scan settings in real time, mapping out the data, saving as log files. The data gathered during the field test then can be imported and analysed with the dedicated desktop software BTS Tracker. Securcube®BTS Tracker speeds up the junction between field and desk investigation, creating a mind-cooperation between different digital experts committed in the digital crime examination, accordingly to the latest telco standards required for the most effective cell towers coverage analysis.

Securcube®BTS Tracker fits to:

  • Police Forces (CID; cybercrime; organised crime; IT; intelligence; telecommunication units..)
  • Government authorities (Ministry; telecommunication organizations…)
  • Prosecutors’ offices
  • Consultants and lawyers
  • Private investigators
  • Digital forensics Labs
  • Private digital forensics experts and companies