Phone Log is a fast and reliable CDR analyzing tool that combines phone records with many other data sources, as mobile extractions, GPS positions, highway and traffic logs and BTS log files.

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Securcube®PhoneLog is the qualified software for the Cell Site Analysis (CSA), and for a cross examination of multiple digital evidence with a solid and, most of all, logical process for the in-depth reconstruction of suspects’ digital alibi and mobile devices behaviour.

Securcube®Phonelog, software for the cross-analysis of CDRs (Call Detail Records), historical cell site location information (HCSLI), namely CSA, mobile extraction contents, GPS tracks and much more, can efficiently reply to every investigative expectations. After the digital evidence gathering, the software helps investigators importing and parsing the data with a streamlined approach that captures the most relevant insight of the growing crime scenario. Securcube®PhoneLog reflects investigators’ constant search of up-to-date digital forensics systems, where regardless do not forget the usability.

The software is compatible with worldwide cellular providers (carriers) and CDRs formats, and particularly American main telephone operator (Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, US Cellular, AT&T). It matches with mobile extractions from Cellebrite UFED, MSAB XRY and Oxygen Forensics. Furthermore, it can combine the results obtained with GPS tracks (.gpx), highway traffic logs and other data extracted from vehicles. Finally, it also compares the log files with real BTS (Base Transceiver Station) coverage, from Securcube®BTS Tracker.

Cell Site Analysis with Securcube®PhoneLog

  • In-depth search between ‘entities’ (users; subscribers; cells; IMEI/IMSI etc.)
  • Map outlook for the mobile movements (geographical mapping)
  • Check junctions between ‘entities’, with geo locations and time frames
  • Cross-analysis between mobile contents, phone records, cells coverage
  • Suspects’ events statistics and graphs interconnection with counterparts
  • Excellent functions for data visualization (pie charts; heat maps; bar charts etc.)
  • Clear patterns of communication displayed
  • Multi case analysis among proceedings locally and remotely

Digital evidence gathering & data parsing

  • Drag and drop files
  • Macro analysis sidebar menu
  • Guided ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ investigation process
  • Supported data cleaning-up prior investigator’s authorization
  • Online and offline examination
  • Export of any data stored (.pdf; .txt; .xml etc.)
  • Validation by HASH code
  • Complete case folder with original files

Securcube®PhoneLog fits to:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies (CID; cybercrime; organised crime; IT; intelligence; telecommunication..)
  • Government authorities (Ministry; telecommunication organizations…)
  • Prosecutors’ offices
  • Consultants and lawyers
  • Private investigators
  • Digital forensics Labs
  • Private digital forensics experts and companies