T8u Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge Kit


The T8u presents various bridge and device information via an integrated, backlit display. Device status, device information, logical unit (LUN) select, and bridge information are easily accessible using the T8u’s front panel membrane menu button.

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Amazing Forensic Performance. Great Product Value

Dealing with big storage and bigger data presents today’s forensic examiner with greater challenges than ever before. The new Tableau T8u Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge delivers best-in-class, secure, hardware-based write-blocking of USB mass storage devices.

Write-Blocked Forensic Imaging in Excess of 300 MB/second

The T8u is the first Tableau Portable Family forensic bridge that supports write-blocked imaging of USB 3.0 devices through a SuperSpeed™ USB 3.0 host computer connection. T8u’s powerful combination of a new, high-performing product architecture and USB 3.0 technology provide the speed you need to image USB 3.0 flash drives, multi-terabyte hard drives, or all USB 2.0/1.1 drives conforming to the mass storage “bulk-only” specification.

Using controlled, real-world configurations and modern forensic imaging software, we’ve measured forensic data transfer with the T8u in excess of 300 MB/second(while simultaneously calculating MD5 and SHA-1 hashes).

View Device Information with Backlit LCD

For a closer look at the Tableau T8u, browse the images below or related content to the right. The Tableau T8u will fit in your current multi-product write-blocker kit. The T8u accepts the new TP5 or existing TP2 power supplies.
T8u Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge Kit. Includes T8u, TP2 power supply + line cord, TC-USB3, and QuickStart Guide in a black TB1 bag. Packaged in 9″x5″x5″ white box.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9.9 × 6 × 5.7 in