Tableau PCIe Adapter for Apple SSD TDA7-3



The Tableau PCIe Adapter for Apple Solid-State-Drives (SSD) enables Apple PCIe SSDs to securely connect to PCIe-compatible Tableau Forensic Bridges and Duplicators.

Online Purchases and Pricing are for the US only. For International Purchases and Support Please Contact Us.  Image represented in photograph is stock; customizations will render each system unique.


  • Image Apple PCIe SSDs in a forensically-sound manner when used with the Tableau Forensic ImagerTableau Forensic PCIe Bridge, or Tableau Forensic Universal Bridge

    Compatible with Apple PCIe SSDs from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro from mid-2013 – 2016

    Acquire both AHCI and NVMe PCIe SSDs

    A thumbscrew is included, but not necessary, to secure the drive in place (spare also included)

    A PCIe Data and Power Cable connect the adapter to the PCIe-compatible Tableau product

    No special OS drivers or tools required for operation

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