RECON LAB is SUMURI’s newest flagship forensic suite that is designed using common sense. RECON LAB allows manual and automated analysis of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Google Takeout.

RECON TRIAGE is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to capture data from a running Mac computer. RECON TRIAGE automates live imaging, volatile data collections, RAM imaging and more!

RECON IMAGER is the leading imaging solution for Macs. RECON IMAGER takes the guesswork out of advanced imaging processes so you can focus on the broader task at hand, and get more work done, faster. With pricing starting at $399, RECON IMAGER is an industry leading value you simply won’t find anywhere else.

CARBON – Instant virtualization of and Windows computer without the need for disassembly or imaging. Automatic by-passing of Windows logon passwords allows you to access a user’s desktop quickly for triage or documentation. Absolutely no changes are made to the data and there is no evidence that the virtualization occurred.

PALADIN is a modified “live” Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that simplifies various forensics tasks in a forensically sound manner via the PALADIN Toolbox. PALADIN is available in 64-bit and 32-bit versions.