The voting period for SUMURI Gives Back has now ended. Announcement of the winning agency is on December 23, 2019 Monday at 2PM EST.

Another year is about to end and we are very happy to be able to donate another TALINO workstation to an agency in need. There’s so much to be thankful for and we at SUMURI continue to be humbled to have the ability to help our friends and partners from the Law Enforcement community.

Last year, we donated one of our TALINO Forensic Workstation to an agency in need and this year we will do the same.

Be a part of this great deed by nominating any Law Enforcement agency that meets the criteria below.

A) An agency in need with no budget for a Forensic Workstation.

B) An agency with high volume of cases.

C) An agency dealing with cases that are major, grave and significant.

Mechanics, Terms & Conditions:

A) All nominations must be submitted to our website at
until December 9, 2019.

B) Submissions must be limited to 500 words.

C) Received nominations will be reviewed by a community of Law Enforcement Examiners to identify the top 5 agencies.

D) The chosen top 5 agencies will be notified for permission to participate and once approved, will be posted online for voting from December 12 to 20, 2019.

E) All information submitted will be treated confidential. SUMURI and its management reserves the right to validate and verify all information submitted.

F) Once the voting period ends, the winning agency will be announced online and notified directly by our representatives.

As always, if you are a Law Enforcement agency in need of Software all you have to do is ask. Feel free to send a request to


UPDATE: Our friends from AccessData have decided to bundle a Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) license to our SUMURI Gives Back TALINO workstation, joining our mission to provide a worthy law enforcement agency the tools they need to help save lives.

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