SUMURI is taking a new approach to training with the start of our Surviving Digital Forensics and Surviving Encryption series. This is topic specific training focused on building computer forensic skills using low cost/no cost tools. Best of all, this series is designed for students to pick and choose the topics they would like to learn more about – it is truly training a la carte being delivered all On Demand and available whenever you are. When you purchase a class you have access to it forever – no time limits. Check it out, you will be amazed how affordable quality training can be. This is an on-going project and new classes will be added regularly.

Surviving Encryption: Essentials

Encryption Fundamentals From a Computer Forensic Analyst’s Point-Of-View

Today’s computer analysts have become a “jack of all trades” for a variety of computer forensic skills in order to effectively deal with ever changing technologies. Many computer forensic analysts deal with encryption infrequently, however, as any seasoned investigator will tell you, when you do hit encryption you hit a lot of it. Encountering protected computer systems and files is becoming more common, therefore, having the fundamental skills to effectively deal with the challenge is vital.

Surviving Encryption: Essentials takes a different approach to cryptanalysis by focusing on providing students with encryption fundamentals from an investigator’s or computer forensic analyst’s point of view. This is not a cryptography class- this class provides students with a working knowledge of terminology, how different types of encryption work, and examines research on common password patterns. Learn how to exploit the weakest part of any cipher- the human using it. No matter which forensic tool you choose SUMURI will teach you how to put intelligence behind your password attack.

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Surviving Encryption: Cryptanalysis

The Open-Source Approach

This class reviews decryption analysis tools from the open source community. There are plenty of no cost or low cost decryption solutions available to the forensic examiner. The problem is they are scattered and it would take significant time for any one person to research and test just a few. SUMURI has done the work for you and put together training featuring some of the best open source tools available.

Students will learn how to build different types of word lists for dictionary attacks, how to create rainbow tables, tools for attacking Windows and Mac user passwords, attacking Mac keychains, recovering Internet passwords from Windows systems, and attacking password hashes. Topics will also include using open source tools such as Inception, John the Ripper, Hashcat, and more.

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