Obtaining the volatile data stored in RAM through the process of RAM imaging has always been an essential part of Digital Forensics. RAM imaging provides examiners a means of obtaining invaluable information to assist with investigations; for example: Passwords Open Files Running Application Network Connections Imaging RAM in the Mac environment has always been [...]

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Solutions to Software Update Error Message in RECON IMAGER

The error message “A software update is required to use this startup disk” could appear when using RECON IMAGER to boot a Macintosh computer with a T2 Security Chip. Apple has a support page regarding this error message explaining that it is most likely caused by the default Full Security option in Secure Boot. Before [...]

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How to Check if Your Mac has a T2 Security Chip

It is important to check if your device has a T2 Chipset as newer Macs have implemented them to add extra layers of security. You will take different steps to process depending on whether a Mac has a T2 Security Chip or not. RECON ITR images all Intel-based Macs including the newest generation of Macs [...]

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How to Change Mac’s Startup Security Settings to Allow Booting with RECON IMAGER

Newer Macs have been shipping with proprietary T2 Security Chipsets which add extra layers of security. One of these new security features prevents booting from external media. This “Secure Boot” is enabled by default and can only be turned off in Recovery Mode with an admin password. If you are not sure how to disable [...]

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RECON ITR – Two macOS Imagers in One Solution

I’ll be honest.  We’ve changed our product line up a lot and it can be a little confusing. If you have been paying attention, Apple has also changed a lot as well.  That last “a lot” is a little bit of an understatement.  Starting with macOS 10.11 Apple began strengthening their security with sandboxed applications, [...]

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I can build my workstation for less than what you guys charge!

We often get asked why should someone buy a forensic workstation when they can build one with the same components at a cheaper price. The answer is simple. It’s not the components, the fact that they are designed by forensic practitioners or even the 3 year warranty that should be the deciding factor. All of [...]

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SUMURI to Unveil New Forensic Workstation for its 2020 SUMURI Gives Back Campaign

fb.me/SUMURIForensics | twitter.com/SUMURIForensics | www.linkedin.com/company/sumuri   Introducing TALINO Police Interceptor Edition   https://youtu.be/WS823V5Z7Iw Delaware, USA – SUMURI, a leader in the digital forensics software and hardware industry has will begin its year-end SUMURI Gives Back campaign by unveiling its latest special edition TALINO Forensic Workstation at this year’s first major digital forensic conference.   On [...]

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Make your own PALADIN USB!

1. Download Download the software from SUMURI website: http://sumuri.com/product-category/brands/paladin/ Go to shop and add the PALADIN version of your choice(PALADIN LTS(7), PALADIN EDGE 64, PALADIN EDGE 32). Set your price then proceed with the purchase, After your purchase you will receive an email confirming the purchase. And the link to download the PALADIN.iso, if you [...]

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Girl Power and Forensics!

The forensic community is mostly dominated by men. However, there are more and more careers in computer forensics that are opening the doors for women. Our President, Ailyn Whalen proves that anyone can lead even in an industry that most people think are ruled by men. SUMURI believes that teaching young girls about technology can [...]

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Imaging APFS Snapshots within T2 Chipset Macs

As if APFS wasn’t adding enough complexity for forensic examiners, more and more Macs are now including T2 Security Chipsets. The T2 Security Chipset was borrowed from iOS devices. It serves many functions, however, the one that troubles forensic examiners is that it encrypts data at rest. This means that the files and folders contained [...]

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