Meet the SUMURI Training Team

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to send out an update on SUMURI Training. We have just expanded and have brought on four new instructors to teach our courses. We decided it was time to give Steve a hand in presenting our Best Practices in Mac Forensics and Advanced Practices in Mac Forensics since he has [...]

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Let SUMURI help you grow your DFIR business

Running a digital forensics consultant business, either full-time or as a side business, can be very rewarding, both professionally and financially. From personal experience, I know the frustrations that come with owning a digital forensics business, from marketing to trying to pin down that client who hasn’t paid their invoice. We find that we tend [...]

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New Booting Options for M1 Macs

Join John Day, Senior Manager of the software division, to hear about the exciting new features that are coming to RECON ITR. New versions of macOS have allowed for exciting new options for imaging. Learn all about how RECON ITR will be booting Apple Silicon Macs in future builds! Stay tuned for more information about [...]

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Utilizing RECON LAB to reveal data that other tools miss

MacOS is notoriously hard to work with when it comes to forensics. Things that are simple and routine for a Windows investigation become laborious and confusing in the Mac world. Introductions like APFS, Secure Enclave, and proprietary processors have made navigating Mac forensics with a Windows machine almost impossible. With a Windows-based tool, you may [...]

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Some combinations are unbeatable. Peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, Hall and Oates, pairings like these create something totally unique. When it comes to Mac forensics, we have our own iconic duo, RECON ITR and RECON LAB. If you are doing macOS acquisitions with RECON ITR, that is only half the battle. RECON LAB [...]

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How to Image an Apple Silicon Mac with RECON ITR Live

Apple has made significant changes to the Mac lineup when transitioning from Intel processors to their Apple M1 Chip (Apple Silicon). Since then, forensic examiners have been confused about how to image and process Macs with Apple’s new proprietary processor.  At SUMURI, we want to put that confusion at ease by informing all forensic examiners [...]

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Obtaining the volatile data stored in RAM through the process of RAM imaging has always been an essential part of Digital Forensics. RAM imaging provides examiners a means of obtaining invaluable information to assist with investigations; for example: Passwords Open Files Running Application Network Connections Imaging RAM in the Mac environment has always been [...]

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Solutions to Software Update Error Message in RECON IMAGER

The error message “A software update is required to use this startup disk” could appear when using RECON IMAGER to boot a Macintosh computer with a T2 Security Chip. Apple has a support page regarding this error message explaining that it is most likely caused by the default Full Security option in Secure Boot. Before [...]

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