Forensic Laptops

The SUMURI TALINO KA-L is the fastest portable Forensic Workstation specifically designed to perform just as fast as most desktop forensic workstations. In fact, this powerhouse might actually be more powerful than your current forensic workstation, unless you have a full sized TALINO desktop Forensic Workstation.

Cryptanalysis Workstation

An extremely fast and efficient decryption system featuring Intel CPUs and NVIDIA Graphics Cards combined with our proprietary 3mm aluminum heat dispersing chassis. All the horsepower you need to run Passware, Elcomsoft or any other cryptanalysis solution.

eDiscovery Workstation

Trusted  by eDiscovery firms around the globe, TALINO eDiscovery workstations are designed by our Certified Forensic Computer examiners to handle all your eDiscovery needs. From our eDiscover laptop, to our high end workstation, no job is too small and no data set is too large!

Nuix Powered Workstation

Our specialized high-end dual Intel Xeon CPU System featuring two (2) Intel E5-2690 v4 Broadwell 2.6 GHz 35MB 14-Core Server Processors are designed specifically to run NUIX.

Server Solutions

The SUMURI TALINO KA brand of computers is built on the most reliable and stable platform designed by Certified Forensic Computer Examiners. Each custom workstation is built with expandability and a future proof mindset so that you are not replacing the computer every few years with an entirely new computer. We give you the highest quality proprietary chassis to start with and load it with all high end components that are ALWAYS at the top end of the spectrum in speed for each specific model. With partners like Samsung and EVGA, we lead the pack in high end workstations with unbeatable pricing.”