Forensic Laptop

Extremely Portable
Forensic Laptop / Workstation

Starting at $2,299 USD


Forensic Laptop SUMURI TALINO KA-L Alpha is an extremely portable Forensic Workstation. Specifically designed to perform faster than most desktop forensic workstations. We introduced this system for several reasons. Many agencies just need a really good laptop that they can depend on to process small cases, work out in the field, collect mobile phone data, or a variety of other tasks.

We don’t beat the competition, we crush it!

We use only the highest quality components that have been tested and vetted here in our lab. Our Laptops are designed and optimized for forensics and come with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Superior Components

Every TALINO laptop is built based on your unique requirements and to our exacting standards. No competitor offers ANYTHING close!

Unparalleled Support

Every Forensic Laptop is burned in for 72 hours using multiple stress testing and benchmarking tools. The goal of our quality assurance team is to try and “break” the workstation before shipping it. From logical stress tests to actually physically restricting the airflow to the TALINO. We do everything in our power to make sure no TALINO leaves the lab until it has been put through the wringer. This is backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty and lifetime access to our support line for every TALINO user. Day or night we are there when you need us.

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