PODCAST 20 | March 2024

020 - How do ICAC task forces REALLY work?

Join us for a deep dive into the inner workings of ICAC task forces, featuring expert insights from Debbie Garner.

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PODCAST 19 | June 22, 2023

019 - Fast, Accurate, and Compassionate

Join Jason and Orl Mendelevich as they introduce CaseScan by Netspark. CaseScan leverages AI with Netspark’s 16 years of development experience to bring a CSAM scanning tool that is fast, accurate, and protective of examiners

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PODCAST 18 | May 18, 2023

018 - Essentials of Digital Forensics for Litigations

Discover the latest addition to SUMURI’s course catalog: “Essentials of Digital Forensic for Litigation.”

In this Podcast, Dave and Brandon will talk about how this comprehensive course equips attorneys with vital knowledge of digital forensics methodologies and techniques, enabling them to establish a stronger collaborative relationship with investigators and DFIR examiners.

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PODCAST 17 | May 12, 2023

017 - Cloud Research

Join Sumuri’s Jason Roslewicz and Sam Deckoff as they talk to Chris Collins from the Lake Jackson Texas Police Department about the future of Electronically Stored Information and the cloud.

#DFIR #digitalforensics #cloudstorage

PODCAST 16 | Apr 6, 2023

016 - Memory Analysis For User Investigations

Thank you for listening to our podcast! As a quick recap, we discussed various memory acquisition tools that can be used for forensic investigations. Here are the tools we covered: For free options, we mentioned Magnet RAM Capture, Belkasoft RAM Capture, FTK Imager, WinPmem, and OStriage (which is for law enforcement use only).

If you’re willing to pay for more advanced options, we recommended Volexity Surge, OSForensics, and CyberTriage. We also mentioned the book “The Art of Memory Forensics” by Michael Hale Ligh, Andrew Case, Jamie Levy, and Aaron Walters, which provides in-depth guidance on memory analysis techniques and tools. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, we highly recommend giving it a read.

For questions about how SUMURI Professional Service can help your investigations visit us at

Thank you again for listening and we hope you found this information helpful!

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PODCAST 15 | Mar 23, 2023

015 - TALINO Servers: What's New?

Unveiling the Future of Storage Solution, discover the latest advancements in technology and stay ahead of the game. #storagesolution #forensics #server #technology
PODCAST 14 | Feb 21, 2023

014 - The Wonderful World Of Training

What’s Up with SUMURI Training

#DFIR #Training #updates #learn
PODCAST 13 | Aug 17, 2022

013 - RECON ITR Now Supporting M2 Macs!

Join Chris from our software team as he announces the latest great development for RECON ITR, M2 support! Visit for more information!


#SUMURI #apple #mac #imaging #triage #applem1 #investigation #Forensic #m2 #apple
PODCAST 12 | May 12, 2022

012 - Inside SUMURI Training

You Want it, We Got It! Learn about The Courses We Offer and What is New in SUMURI Training

#SUMURI #Training #ForensicSimplified #Update #ForensicPodcast #Podcast #ForensicTraining
PODCAST 11 | Apr 11, 2022

011 - Partner with us to grow your DFIR business

Simplify your casework and let SUMURI do all the heavy lifting. We will handle all marketing, engagement paperwork, and billing, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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PODCAST 10 | Oct 18, 2021

010 - TALINO Chassis Redesign and Other News

Join Jason and Sam for a brief discussion about TALINO workstation’s new case design which allows attaching 3D printed accessories!

This and more TALINO news!

#SUMURI #Podcast #ComputerForensics #TALINO

PODCAST 09 | Aug 24, 2021

009 - Why You Are Doing Mac Forensics Wrong

Learn what most forensic examiners are doing wrong in Mac forensic investigations. Join Steve Whalen and John Day as they discuss solutions to solve these problems!


#SUMURI #ComputerForensics #RECONITRplusRECONLAB 

PODCAST 08 | May 18, 2020

008 - Cryptanalysis Workstations

Learn about Cryptanalysis Workstations and how their configuration can speed up password recovery. Also, introducing Sam Deckoff from our TALINO team!

#SUMURI #TALINO #ComputerForensics 
PODCAST 07 | Apr 29, 2020

007 - Triaging a Mac and RECON ITR

In this episode, Steve and Jason talk about how to triage a Mac for evidence and how other tools that cost way more don’t really triage. Learn how SUMURI’s RECON ITR is the go-to “Swiss-Army” knife for macOS Imaging – Triage and Reporting!

Mac Forensics Best Practices Guide –

#SUMURI #RECONITR #RECONIMAGER #ComputerForensics #MacForensics

PODCAST 06 | Apr 22, 2020

006 - Buying a forensic workstation? Listen to this first!

Join Jason and Steve as they discuss the process of designing and customizing a forensic workstations. Learn what you need and why you need specific specs!

#SUMURI #TALINO #ComputerForensics #ForensicWorkstations

PODCAST 05 | Apr 22, 2020

005 - PALADIN Forensic Suite

In this episode Jason and Steve talk about the PALADIN Forensic Suite, it’s origins and how it can be used.

PALADIN Webpage:

PALADIN Quick Start Guide:

Make your own PALADIN:

#SUMURI #PALADIN #ComputerForensics 
PODCAST 04 | Apr 22, 2020

004 - TALINO Custom Workstations

Learn what makes a forensic workstation a forensic workstation. Listen to why and how TALINO was created. Find out how we forced the forensic computer industry to lower their pricing!

#SUMURI #TALINO #ForensicWorkstations 

PODCAST 03 | Apr 22, 2020

003 - SUMURI's CEO - Roslewicz... Common Spelling

Interview with Jason Roslewicz, SUMURI’s CEO. Where did he come from, how did he start and why did he become CEO? Who fired Steve? Listen and find out!

#SUMURI #TALINO #ComputerForensics 

PODCAST 02 | Apr 22, 2020


In this episode, Jason and Steve talk about how and why RECON LAB (SUMURI’s full forensic suite) was created and why it runs on a Mac instead of Windows! Learn what innovations Steve designed in RECON LAB to solve problems that have existed in forensic analysis for decades!

#ComputerForensics #MacForensics #ReconLab

PODCAST 01 | Apr 18, 2020

001 - Who or what is SUMURI?

Welcome to our first episode! Find out about our interesting company SUMURI. What does the name mean and what do we do in computer forensics!

#ComputerForensics #SUMURI

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