008 - Cryptanalysis Workstations

Learn about Cryptanalysis Workstations and how their configuration can speed up password recovery. Also, introducing Sam Deckoff from our TALINO team!


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007 - Triaging a Mac and RECON ITR

In this episode, Steve and Jason talk about how to triage a Mac for evidence and how other tools that cost way more don’t really triage. Learn how SUMURI’s RECON ITR is the go-to “Swiss-Army” knife for macOS Imaging – Triage and Reporting!

RECON ITR –sumuri.com/software/recon-itr/
RECON ITR Blog – sumuri.com/recon-itr-two-macos-imagers-in-one-solution/
Mac Forensics Best Practices Guide – sumuri.com/mac-forensics-best-practices-guide/

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006 - Buying a forensic workstation? Listen to this first!

Join Jason and Steve as they discuss the process of designing and customizing a forensic workstations. Learn what you need and why you need specific specs!

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005 - PALADIN Forensic Suite

In this episode Jason and Steve talk about the PALADIN Forensic Suite, it’s origins and how it can be used.

PALADIN Webpage: https://sumuri.com/software/paladin/

PALADIN Quick Start Guide: https://sumuri.com/paladin-manual/

Make your own PALADIN: https://bit.ly/3b8xFBb

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004 - TALINO Custom Workstations

Learn what makes a forensic workstation a forensic workstation. Listen to why and how TALINO was created. Find out how we forced the forensic computer industry to lower their pricing!

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003 - SUMURI's CEO - Roslewicz... Common Spelling

Interview with Jason Roslewicz, SUMURI’s CEO. Where did he come from, how did he start and why did he become CEO? Who fired Steve? Listen and find out!

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In this episode, Jason and Steve talk about how and why RECON LAB (SUMURI’s full forensic suite) was created and why it runs on a Mac instead of Windows! Learn what innovations Steve designed in RECON LAB to solve problems that have existed in forensic analysis for decades!

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001 - Who or what is SUMURI?

Welcome to our first episode! Find out about our interesting company SUMURI. What does the name mean and what do we do in computer forensics!

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