Download the latest version of our software below.

Recon ITR and Recon Imager
Update Imager MD5: 09242e36dc46be6ceb18fa1d3fd7f399
Update Imager SHA-1: 1752599f838944a40dcd32970f69d3bc8da845a6
MD5: 833245ad1335c7779ec22b528db2ba5d
SHA-1: 782172fa393d95275dc9f797309a3278e92c8f4e
MD5: 6aac0f5b65cefc5b760f4afa969341ac6c29eda2
SHA-1: e0d5bd45a76c34c14af3ad70a0289c44
The current version of RECON LAB software only supports macOS 14 for Silicon devices (M1/M2). Intel users please stay on macOS 13 or earlier.
MD5: 78d4dae271fc7ca83718c4e91032d4eb
SHA-1: 6a8a34697c33ff75beca441126738d2386af63c6
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