RECON LAB runs on a Mac to allow recovery of data missed by other forensic tools.

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Google Takeout Automated Analysis


Built-in write blocking

The leading macOS Imaging, Triage and Reporting solution

RECON ITR brings both Bootable and Live imaging options into one. An indispensable tool for anyone who needs to image and capture data from all Intel macOS computers.

CARBON is a revolutionary new product in computer forensics. CARBON allows you to virtualize any Windows computer instantly!

CARBON automatically virtualizes and bypasses Windows logons to give you instant access to the user’s desktop. All virtualization is done in a manner which protects the data from changes or alterations.

PALADIN is a modified “live” Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that simplifies various forensics tasks in a forensically sound manner via the PALADIN Toolbox.

PALADIN has become the World’s #1 Forensic Suite used by thousands of digital forensic examiners from Law Enforcement, Military, Federal, State and Corporate agencies.