Ailyn Whalen

President and Co-Founder

Ailyn is a co-founder of SUMURI LLC and is responsible for directing the company and it’s affairs and is responsible for ensuring that SUMURI’s goals and objectives are met. Ailyn is also responsible for implementation of policies and procedures. Ailyn is known for assisting and supporting SUMURI team members and our customers at every level. Ailyn, who is originally from the Philippines, leads by example and encourages SUMURI team members to adopt Filipino values such as hard work, the importance of family and being selfless.

Jason Roslewicz

Chief Executive Officer

Jason joined the SUMURI team in 2014 as a Senior Engineer for SUMURI’s TALINO Division. Jason’s 17+ years of experience in managing multimillion dollar companies along with his proven dedication and commitment to a greater good has led to his position as SUMURI CEO. Jason is also a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner, which allows him to craft each TALINO with the needs of today’s forensic practitioners in mind. Jason graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Information Security from Delaware Technical Community College.

Steve Whalen

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

Steve is a co-founder of SUMURI LLC and is the creator of many of SUMURI’s world known products and training such as PALADIN, RECON, CARBON, TALINO and the Macintosh Forensic Survival Courses. Steve is currently responsible for the design of SUMURI’s software products and the development of SUMURI’s forensic training. Steve, like other members of the SUMURI team, is a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner and retired Law Enforcement. Steve is known for his expertise in Mac forensics and his unique teaching style. Steve, along with SUMURI, develops and provides free services and software to assist law enforcement in protecting all citizens of the world.

Naida Silvagnoli

Accounting | Office Manager

Naida joined the SUMURI team in 2015, she is responsible for office operations as well as accounting. Naida has 15 years of experience working in accounting and is currently working on her CPA Certification.

Sam Deckoff

Senior Manager – TALINO

Sam joined the team in August 2018. Prior to SUMURI, Sam worked as a Math instructor and tutor at Delaware Tech in Dover. He is a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner and has solid experience from almost 20 years in building and fixing computers, making him a strong team leader for the TALINO division as its senior manager. He’s a certified gamer and is a passionate fan of fighting games, speedrunning, and their communities.

Zeke Anthony

TALINO Support Specialist

Zeke has been fixing, tinkering, and troubleshooting as long as he can remember, from hammer and nails at home to nuts and bolts on cars to cables and components in a computer.  Even though his first passion was electronics he did not consider a career in tech until working for the DSU College of Business as an IT Specialist. Zeke started at SUMURI as the Inventory Management Specialist in December of 2018 and stepped into his role as TALINO Support Specialist in March of 2020.

Nick Nelson

Purchasing Agent

Nick is a graduate of Business Management from Wilmington University. He joined SUMURI in November 2018. His experience helped him to develop good communication skills in dealing with customers and partners and proper planning to deliver tasks efficiently.

Erica Ansbach

Accounting Assistant

Erica joined SUMURI in early 2019. Prior to joining the team, she worked for a tax management services company in Delaware. She also worked in ILC for over 12 years as part of the Quality Assurance and Manufacturing department. She has an associate degree in Accounting from Delaware Technical Community College. While working at ILC she had the opportunity to interact with Peggy Whitson, an astronaut while they were on the space station.

Hannelyn Gabriel

Technicians Team Manager – TALINO

Hannelyn is currently attending Wesley College, majoring in Business Management. She officially joined SUMURI in 2018, but has been involved with the company since its creation in 2010, helping with tasks related to training, conferences, and classes. Hannelyn is a baked goods and cosmetics enthusiast, as well as a karaoke legend.

Blake Strider

Manager Talino Division

Blake Strider is the manager for the Talino Division. He oversees the build process and installation procedures undergone to ensure each workstation arrives on time and in perfect working order. He’s built computers since he was a child, helping his grandfather build PCs and building his own when he got older. He is an Air Force veteran from Oklahoma. He enjoys heavy metal, horror movies, and video games.

Neil Flowers

Inventory and Shipping Manager 

Neil joined SUMURI in November 2019 and quickly moved up in the SUMURI family within a matter of months. Organizing and handling shipments comes as second nature to him, as he has been involved in Online Sales for over 20 years. Aside from being an avid PC enthusiast, he has been a “jack of all trades”, having toured the country as a musician, hosted a YouTube channel, and specialized in pricing memorabilia and collectibles.


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