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Welcome to BEC 301


This course will provide you with the knowledge and preparation to use the Belkasoft X forensic software to analyze mobile device digital evidence acquired from cell phones and tablets. This course is meant for beginners, but also contains information and scenario-based exercises suitable for advanced users looking for a refresher in the realm of mobile forensics.

You will be challenged with several hands-on activities, but on-demand does not mean you are alone. Our instructors are available for questions and clarification on concepts discussed in this course. Reach out to them as needed!


Suggested Hardware Configuration

Belkasoft Evidence Center is very powerful and can be resource intensive depending on how the platform us being used for analysis. It is highly recommended that you take this course using a system with the following minimum specifications:

  • Windows 10
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 500GB Hard drive (with at least 50GB of free space)
  • 3MBPS broadband Internet
  • 32GB USB 3.0 external hard drive


Student Desktop

Some minor setup of the course data will need to be performed on your system before proceeding with the course. Please follow the instructions below before starting Module 01.

  1. Download the student folder files from the Dropbox link below
  2. Copy the file “BEC X 301 Student” to your desktop
  3. Install 7-zip on your forensic workstation
  4. Right-click the file from step #2 and select 7zip > “Extract Here”


Mobile Device Technology Overview

Mobile Device Acquisitions

Understanding Apple iOS Artifacts

Understanding Android Artifacts

Mobile Device Examinations

Mobile Device Analysis Techniques

bec 301 – final exam



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