The World's Most Popular Linux Forensic Suite


Includes Autopsy and Sleuthkit!

Includes built in write-blocking!



PALADIN has become the World’s #1 Forensic Suite used by thousands of digital forensic examiners from Law Enforcement, Military, Federal, State, and Corporate agencies.


The PALADIN Toolbox combines the power of several court-tested Open Source forensic tools into a simple interface that can be used by anyone. With the PALADIN Toolbox, a user can easily and quickly TRIAGE – SEARCH – IMAGE, and more!

PALADIN includes Autopsy!

Autopsy is a FULL Featured GUI Forensic Suite with all the features you would expect in a forensic tool. Autopsy even contains advanced features not found in forensic suites that cost thousands.

Autopsy combined with PALADIN allows a user to conduct a forensic exam from beginning to end – triage to reporting and everything in-between Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android file systems.

Now Supports BitLocker Decryption
through Logical Imaging

BitLocker Decryption

BitLocker is a full volume encryption feature included with Microsoft Windows (Home only) versions starting with Windows Vista.

Logical Imaging

The Logical Imager option allows the examiner to image folders and files and can be accessed through the Logical Imager module.


We’ve added 33 categories with over 100 tools to assist you with your forensic endeavors! PALADIN has a Forensic Lab literally on a disc. We are proud to have pre-compiled some of the best Open Source forensic tools that we can find. Help us help you! If something is missing that can benefit the forensic community, please let us know, and we will be happy to include it in a future update to PALADIN.

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