Now on a Samsung Type-C USB to allow you to store persistent data such as case information, keyword lists, etc.PALADIN PRO is a preconfigured USB with 64-bit and 32-bit versions of PALADIN and PALADIN EDGE on a Samsung Type-C USB thumb drive for ease of use with a wide variety of machines! Your purchase supports the continued development of PALADIN!PALADIN PRO now includes CARBON pre-installed for examiners who would like to try the software or purchase a license!

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Supports imaging eMMC and nvRAM!Includes PALADIN and PALADIN EDGE 32-bit on one USB!PALADIN is distributed as a courtesy to the forensic community for which we receive no profit. Your purchase of a PALADIN PRO helps support the continued development of PALADIN!PALADIN is a modified “live” Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that simplifies various forensics tasks in a forensically sound manner via the PALADIN Toolbox. PALADIN was designed with the understanding that many of those tasked with safely creating forensic images.


  • Faster boot times compared to optical discs!
  • Contains both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of PALADIN to support both newer and older computers.
  • Comes with PALADIN EDGE 64 which can image NVMExpress and eMMC drives (ex. newer MacBooks and HP Streams)!
  • Comes with a full GUI-based forensic suite – Autopsy!
  • Boot your computer into a safe environment.
  • Image to several formats including Expert Witness (.E01, .Ex01), Apple Disk Image (.dmg) and Raw (.dd), SMART, AFF, VHD and VMDK!
  • Clone devices
  • Create two forensic images or clones at the same time.
  • Image across a network – NFS and SMB supported!
  • Format any drive as NTFS, HFS+, FAT32 or EXT4 and ExFAT.
  • Create a forensic image of only the Unallocated Space, Free Space, and File Slack.
  • Quickly wipe (sterilize), verify and hash media.
  • Search and preview media by file name, keywords, or MIME types.
  • Pre-compiled Open Source Forensic tools in our FORENSIC TOOL CHEST!


THE FUTURE OF VIRTUAL FORENSICS – INSTANTLY VIRTUALIZE ANY WINDOWS COMPUTER – NO IMAGING – NO DISASSEMBLYOther virtualization solutions exist, however, none of them are easy to configure or set up and no other solution can instantly virtualize any Windows computer while at the same time providing you instant access to a user’s desktop by bypassing the user’s login authentication!  All of this with absolutely no changes to the original evidence or data!CARBON can be used to boot most computers to provide instant virtualization.  If there are difficulties with booting the computer CARBON can still virtualize forensic images as well as any virtual machine images with only a couple of clicks.Compare two Virtual Snapshots with our Snapshot comparison tool.  Learn what data changed or modified between different points in time!CARBON also includes the PALADIN Toolbox for advanced imaging and automatic write-blocking.We didn’t stop there and included advanced and customizable data carving and file search tools.CARBON Main Features Include:
  • Ability to safely boot computers and Intel-based tablets.
  • Instant Virtualization of Windows-based computers.
  • Instant Windows login credentials bypass (Windows 7 through Windows 10).
  • Ability to preview and/or triage without making ANY changes.
  • Ability to preview and/or triage computers without detection.
  • Built-in write protection.
  • Ability to create a video or screenshots of your virtualization for documentation.
  • Ability to conduct Malware analysis within a safe environment.
  • Ability to utilize proprietary tools in the native environment.
  • Ability to run other live forensic triage tools without making any changes at all.
  • Includes Snapshot Comparison – learn and document what was changed or modified between snapshots!
  • Ability to virtualize most forensic images and virtual machine images – both common and uncommon.
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* Samsung Type-C USB has a 1 Year Warranty.
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