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SUMURI knows that some examiners do not need to purchase the tool if they only need to image one Mac, but they still want to treat every case with the utmost importance. That problem is now solved!

Examiners can now rent a full version of RECON ITR for $150 (+shipping) per week and experience the tool’s full capabilities when they receive all three of RECON ITR’s drives: a 1TB Samsung T7 SSD with RECON ITR featuring both live and bootable imaging, and a PALADIN PRO!

After the rental period has passed, examiners will have the opportunity to purchase the tool, having their rental cost discounted off the purchase price, or simply return the drives to the SUMURI office.



  • Supports the imaging a triaging of Apple Silicon Macs
  • PALADIN Pro included at no extra charge to support the imaging and triaging of Windows and Linux
  • macOS Volatile Data Collection
  • Software write-blocking built-in at no additional charge
  • Support for T2 Chipsets, APFS, and local time machine snapshots (APFS snapshots)
  • Logical Imaging with Automatic Artifact Collection
  • Triage and process iOS Backups
  • Reporting formats – PDF, HTML, CSV and XML
  • Advanced Timeline Analysis
  • Track and view a suspect’s location
  • Recover user and system passwords
  • Identify the origin of files
  • Automatic chat timeline construction for iMessage and Skype
  • Ability to customize and save templates
  • Advanced and in-module File Exporter
  • Custom Plugin development available
  • Identify and export Virtual Machines
  • Included are USB Type C-to-C and Type C-to-A cables for added convenience
  • Built-in security options on the T7 Touch utilizes the AES 256-bit encryption
  • Includes both a Bootable drive and a live imaging drive with space for data collection
  • Mac forensic imaging and a whole lot more
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