Fast, Portable, Reliable Drives Preserve Critical Evidence

Having a lot of issues with other triage tools you were using in the field? Have you experienced failing drives and lost some evidences gathered on the scene? We at SUMURI wants only the best for our customers. We devote time, experience, and technological breakthroughs in developing our line of products. We believe that by [...]

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Great Tool to Image Apple Computers

We know our products are great, but don’t just take our word for it... Computer Forensic Reviews Online (CFRO) is a new place on the web to find brutally honest, humorous, and opinionated long and short term reviews of computer forensics software and hardware. They aim to provide an honest guide to product users and [...]

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Download the updated Best Practices for Mac Forensics

The latest Mac Forensics Best Practices from SUMURI is now available! These best practices are summarized from SUMURI’s Macintosh Forensic Survival Courses which is a vendor-neutral training course taught to law enforcement, government, and corporate examiners worldwide. --->Download Here!<---

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New Software Updates

Here's the full list of the updates we made with RECON SOFTWARE: RECON LAB 1.2.6 Speed enhancement of Apple Metadata processing (example: 128GB MacBook Air with APFS processed in 23 minutes) Improved support for viewing multiple attachments 'EMLX View'. Enhancement in 'Pie Export View'. Updated Time Zone database. Support for newer version of 'Chromium' [...]

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Profile – Ailyn Whalen

One of the common mistakes we hear when talking with our customers is the pronunciation of our company's name "SUMURI".  It is often confused frequently with the word "Samurai" which refers to the legendary Japanese warrior of old...

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