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Advanced Office Password Breaker

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Guaranteed Password Recovery

Unlock password-protected Word documents and Excel spreadsheets by breaking the password instead of recovering it. It does not matter how long and complex your password is. Advanced Office Password Breaker unlocks your documents with a guaranteed positive result and no guessing involved. How fast? A typical single-core PC of yesterday can unlock a document in less than 5 days, while a dual-core PC of today can do it twice as fast. Still not fast enough? Use quad-core processors, add more CPUs or assign several workstations to recover the passwords in almost no time!


Remove password protection from documents in Microsoft Word 97/2000 and Excel 97/2000 format (as well as Office XP/2003 with default encryption) in a matter of minutes. The tool attacks 40-bit encryption keys instead of the lengthy passwords, achieving a 97% password recovery rate for Excel spreadsheets and offering unprecedented 100% recovery guarantee for Microsoft Word 97/2000 documents.

  • Guaranteed recovery of 40-bit encryption in a matter of minutes
  • Unlock password-protected Microsoft Word and Excel documents in Office 97/2000 format
  • Decrypt documents saved by modern versions of Microsoft Office in Office 97/2000 Compatibility mode and Office XP/2003 with default encryption
  • Patented Thunder Tables® technology to unlock most documents in less than a minute
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