E3:Universal has broken the boundaries of digital evidence with its ability to process any type of digital data. E3:U truly masters the three sides of the digital triangle with file system/hard drive data, smartphone/mobile data, and the new emerging IoT data. For any lab or organization, the ability to have one unified interface and control over process is key for efficiency and consistency.

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Set it and walk away. We all have many tasks that we do with each exam and having to do those tasks and watch the screen while it processes can be tedious. With E3:U Auto-Exam you can set the functions you need done and automate the processing of your evidence. You don’t have to wait for each step in the processing, just set them all and walk away.


Machine power can truly be utilized with E3:U and its ability to thread all parts of the examination process. While waiting for a hard drive image to process, you can immediately start working on a smartphone acquisition. None of your time is wasted and none of the power of your machine is wasted.


E3:U has a massive amount of search options. We allow ultimate flexibility with parameters that are very adjustable. We have a unique parameter set for almost every type of evidence.


Reporting can be one of the most crucial parts of any tool because it is the end product that is given as a representation of all your hard examination work. With that in mind, E3:U has incorporated new kick-ass customizable reports that allow for easy navigation by another party through your digital report.