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E3:UNIVERSAL is an end-to-end DFIR and digital investigations solution that can process and capture ALL types of digital data: computers, email, internet data, smartphones, IoT devices, and cloud data.

Electronic License Purchase Includes:

  • Computer Processing Engines (Windows & Linux)
  • Mobile Processing Engines (iOS, Android, & more)
  • IoT Engines
  • Chip Dump & JTAG Engine
  • Logical Mobile Imager
  • Physical Mobile Imager
  • Cloud Capture & Analysis
  • Remote Imager for Computers & Cloud
  • DP2C Imager Download
  • P2X Pro Mounting Software
  • Level 1 Training PMO & PCO Certification
  • 1 Year SMS on all software. After the first year of updates, a subscription fee is required to receive additional updates.
  • Additional Add-on items available include E3 toolbox, USB dongle, E3:View, Image Analyzer, and more.

Online Purchases and Pricing are for the US only. For International Purchases and Support Please Contact Us.  Image represented in photograph is stock; customizations will render each system unique.


Paraben Corporation offers three license key options for its software.

Option 1 – Web License – this licensing type requires a constant internet connection for the machine on which the E3 software is installed for both activation and use. This licensing type is most versatile as the software can be downloaded on multiple machines in different locations for access, one instance at a time.

Option 2 – License Key – this licensing type does not require any internet connection for activation or use. This licensing type locks the E3 license to one machine’s hardware ID. Transferring the software to another machine requires the end-user to contact Paraben Corporation Tech Support to have the license reset so it can be activated on another machine.
Option 3 – Dongle License – this licensing type does not require any internet connection for activation or use. Updating the dongle does require a machine with an internet connection. Updating the dongle can be completed on any machine with an internet connection and does not require the E3 software to be downloaded on the same machine. The E3 software can be downloaded onto multiple machines but can only be used when the dongle is plugged in. This option requires additional fees.
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