Passware Kit Forensic 2020 v2

Passware Kit Forensic discovers all password-protected items on a computer and decrypts them. The software recognizes 280+ file types and works in batch mode to recover their passwords. Many types of files are decrypted instantly, while other passwords are recovered through Dictionary and Brute-force methods using GPU acceleration and distributed computing (for Windows, Linux, and Amazon EC2). Available for Windows & Mac.

  • APFS decryption from Mac with T2
  • Mac version BETA
  • Passwords extraction from macOS system keychains
  • Support for QuickBooks 2020
  • Improved GPU performance

Online Purchases and Pricing are for the US only. For International Purchases and Support Please Contact Us.  Image represented in photograph is stock; customizations will render each system unique.


  • Live memory analysis 
    Analyzes live memory images and hibernation files and extracts encryption keys for hard disks, logins for Windows & Mac accounts, and passwords for files and websites, all in a single streamlined process.
  • Cloud data acquisition
    Acquires backups and data from cloud services (Apple iCloud, MS OneDrive, and Dropbox). Extracts passwords from iCloud keychains.
  • Cross-platform Passware Kit Agents
    Supports distributed password recovery with Agents for Windows, Linux, and Amazon EC2.
  • 64-bit version
    Improved performance, including the capacity to process thousands of files simultaneously and to handle larger dictionary files.
  • Automatic updates
    Includes automatic software updates with one year of Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) subscription.
  • Hardware acceleration
    Accelerates password recovery with multiple computers, NVIDIA & AMD GPUs, TPR, and Rainbow Tables.
  • Mobile Forensics
    Recovers passwords for Apple iPhone/iPad and Android backups as well as Android images and extracts data from images on Windows phones. Integrated with Oxygen Forensic Suite.
  • Password recovery for 280+ file types
    MS Office, PDF, Zip and RAR, QuickBooks, FileMaker, Lotus Notes, Bitcoin wallets, password managers, and many other applications.
  • Encryption detection and analysis
    Detects all encrypted files and hard disk images and reports the type of encryption and the complexity of the decryption.
  • Batch processing
    Runs password recovery for groups of files without manual intervention.
  • Decryption of FDE
    Decrypts or recovers passwords for BitLocker, FileVault2, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, LUKS, McAfee, APFS, Apple DMG, Symantec, and PGP disk
  • Password Exchange
    Password Exchange provides access to the list of passwords found by Passware Kit users worldwide, offering it as an advanced dictionary to improve chances of finding strong passwords.