CDR analytic software with cross-search with mobile extractions, BTS real information, GPS tracks, and more.

The software is compatible with worldwide telephone operators and their changing CDR formats and it is already compatible with the US telephone operators. It is able to match CDR data with mobile extractions, wiretap transcripts, GPS tracks, highway traffic logs, and other data extracted from vehicles. Finally, it envisages also the examination of the BTS real coverage, determined by the BTS Tracker, the forensics equipment created for cell sites surveys.

Product provided:

Software with the initials 12 months software updates and technical assistance included.

Online Purchases and Pricing are for the US only. For International Purchases and Support Please Contact Us.  Image represented in photograph is stock; customizations will render each system unique.


    • Intuitive interface
    • Guided pre-programmed basic and advanced examination
    • Files import recognition (automatic and/or creating importers)
    • Supported data clean-up upon investigator’s authorization and raw data correlation
    • In-depth search between “entities” (users; subscribers ID; cells; IMEI/IMSI, to name a few) with filters, graphs, statistics
    • Geographical mapping of the mobile device
    • Focus on groups of “entities” accordingly to specific time and periodicity/range of action/affiliation to the event of interest
    • Clear pattern and data visualization (pie charts; heatmaps; bar charts etc.)
    • Multi case searches among proceedings
    • Export of any data stored validated by HASH code


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