TALINO Arsenal Forensic Laptop or Workstation



For years SUMURI and Arsenal Recon have been partners, and now there’s also been a hardware team up! Introducing the TALINO Arsenal, this new system was designed with the system requirements for Arsenal Recon’s Image Mounter software in mind. Since the program runs so efficiently on a variety of hardware, we decided that it might be wise to give both portable and non-portable options for forensic examiners to choose from. This is the first time we’ve given both a laptop and workstation choice for one of our TALINOs, and we think it’s a great fit! If you find these specifications are missing anything or you simply want to make a change, as always, please reach out to us and we can help you configure the TALINO to fit your needs.

For more information about Arsenal Recon and their solutions, please click here.
Online Purchases and Pricing are for the US only. For International Purchases and Support Please Contact Us. Image represented in photograph is stock; customizations will render each system unique.
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