The next generation of forensic imaging is here.

RECON IMAGER is the most complete imaging tool in the world. RECON IMAGER takes the guess work out of advanced imaging processes so you can focus on the broader task at hand, and get more work done, faster. And at the price of $399, RECON IMAGER is an industry leading value you simply won't find anywhere else.

Imaging all Intel® Macs just got easier

RECON IMAGER is ready to image all Intel® based Apple computers, including the newest generation of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. No more waiting for other solutions to catch up to the latest technology to do what RECON IMAGER can do today.

Image any drive with FileVault encryption

RECON IMAGER automatically and easily identifies, displays and interprets Apple FileVault, Fusion and Core Storage volumes and disks which saves you time later. 

Decrypted forensic images of FileVault volumes can be made by entering the user's password or Recovery Key in RECON IMAGER.

Image Mac RAM without an admin password

Imaging Mac RAM typically requires an admin password. The RECON IMAGER boot environment allows you to image Mac RAM with no password. This provides you with the ability to recover artifacts from previous sessions such as private web browsing, documents, chat messages, passwords and much more!

Rolling updates to stay ahead of the technological curve

RECON IMAGER features a rolling update structure. As soon as a new build of macOS becomes available, updates will be issued that keep RECON IMAGER current, enabling you to stay on the cutting edge of macOS imaging, no matter what.

• Image all Intel® based Macs
• Image any drive with FileVault encryption
• Rolling update structure to stay current with newest MacOS releases
• Quintuple boot system.
• Native MacOS boot environment
• RAM imager - admin password not required.
• Controls write protection.
• Fusion drive support.
• Apple core storage support.
• Includes all versions of PALADIN Forensic Suite

Full Forensic Suite with PALADIN

RECON IMAGER includes all current versions of PALADIN with Autopsy from Basis Technology allowing you to analyze Mac, Windows and even Android File Systems. Autopsy includes all the features you would expect in addition to ones that do not exist in any other tool.


The most powerful Forensic Imaging software on earth.
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