• BEC 101- Intro to Computer-based Investigations

    40 Lessons $950.00

    Belkasoft forensic made easier The Belkasoft Evidence Center Certified Examiner  is designed to provide local/federal law enforcement, military investigative personnel and private sector security professionals on the knowledge and skills required to: Forensically acquire digital evidence from computer-based storage and mobile devices Analysis of artifacts from all major operating systems on server-grade, desktop, and mobile-based platforms Effective reporting on […]

  • Open Source Digital Forensics Training Course

    71 Lessons $1,499.00

    Open Source Digital Forensics Training Course The day-to-day reality for most of the global population requires constant access to some form of technology with reliable Internet connectivity. Widespread availability to computing devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, coupled with affordable large capacity external storage options have created a borderless community with access to […]

  • X1 Social Discovery Training Course

    53 Lessons $1,399.00

    X1 Social Discovery Training Course X1® Social Discovery is the industry’s first investigative solution specifically designed to enable eDiscovery and computer forensics professionals to effectively address social media content, website collection, webmail, and YouTube video capture, in one single interface. The goal of the 3-day X1 Social Discovery Certification Course is to provide investigators with […]