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CARBON Version 8.05

Release Notes:

With the latest release of PALADIN, examiners can now try CARBON free of charge!

CARBON provides a fresh take on forensic reporting allowing examiners to show their audiences exactly what the suspect’s machine looks like all in a forensically sound manner with no need for hardware write blocking! CARBON also features built-in imaging, reporting, differential analysis, and much more, all in one convenient package!

  • Get started virtualizing Windows computers, attached drives, and forensic images today!

    All you’d need to do to get started with virtualization is fill out the form at the bottom of CARBON’s website and we’ll email you a temporary license so you can try out CARBON today!
    • Updated versions of all our open source plugins
    • New Backup and Restore Feature
    • Newer Ubuntu Kernel allowing for better support for new hardware
  • Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.


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